The Super School Project

XQ is a non-profit organization designed to put the power to change our education system back in the hands of the American people. How? Gamifying Innovation

The American High School is broken. It’s a 100-year-old. Outdated system that fails to prepare students for their future lives. To help fix the problem, we challenged America to rethink high school. Thousands of people formed teams and submitted their ideas. The 10 winning teams received $100 million dollars to build their Super Schools.

Thank you from Obama

Democratizing Change

We launched a campaign across America designed to capture and broadcast the voice of students, teachers, business leaders and other hard working individuals creating solutions for our education system. A fully custom Super School Bus is at the center of this campaign, with an interactive iPad wall, voice broadcasting booth, edit bays and digital learning center (artwork by Craig & Karl). Each stop connects with the community by inviting local food centering, artist and musicians for live entertainment, and business/education leaders for sponsored round tables.

Empowering Solutions

As winners were announced and Super Schools were built, we continued to enable other teams to find the right grants, connect with the right mentors, and give them a platform to empower themselves and each other. Every change maker who’s voice is shared becomes part of a vast network of likeminded individuals, dedicated to making their vision of a 21st century school system a reality.

All of the voice recorded in our buses “We Think” booth are tagged by topic and are available on an interactive grid online.