Visual Design

Design/Creative Direction

Go Campaign

We were looking for a way to expand the knowledge of how far you can go with Visa, so we decided to concept a low earth orbit ride for a lucky card holder. In doing so I came up with the visual Go ad that would accomany such a concept using open source imagery of the ISS and other NASA photographs.

Gatorade Global Campaign

Each athlete represents the three stages of G: Prime, Perform, and Recover. My goal was to visually communicate the relationship between the ingredients in the product, and the athletes who drink them.We worked with the illustrator Tsevis to bring this global design direction to life in 10 markets using 7 athletes.

Gatorade Brand: Win From Within

This was a visual language execution Gatorade’ss global market, emphasizing the logo itself as a universal icon for the brand.

The logo reveals what, Gatorade does to improve the inner body when athletes drink it. improve what you put in, improve what yoy get from within.

Country Of Qatar: Ai Shaqab

The Arabian horse is engrained in our global history. The project is an exploration i did for the queen of qatar, capturing the elegance, symbolism, and legacy of these beautiful animals where Qatar has become the mecca.

These horses appear from the elements of sand , like mysterious spirits with a history to tell. All forms of media are engaged to draw global attention to Qatar’s mission of solidifying their legacy in history.

More wings. More World global campaign.

United was looking for a global design they could own that inspired all the places you could go in their airkines. I created a collage of sybolism using the shape of their aircraft, mixed with relevant messing.

Aquafresh Global: campaign and product design

Remember wondering how ther got those three stripe of Aquafresh toothpaste to come out of the tube like that ? That made me happy, and thats why we’re using the three stripe nurdle to represent the new Aquafresh campaign “Happy Mouth”.

We extended this visual iconography into the package design, making Aquafresh stand out form the rest.