Visa Global

People everywhere go with visa

Creating a visual tool for interactive global marketing

With a big focus on digital activation, images come to life with interactive slideshows using the look and feel of these picture window visuals. Each window acts as a portal into different parts of an app, digital billboard or other device. The campaign is set up to prove people everywhere do the same things, and Visa brings them all together.

The Visa Travel App

Users explore anywhere in the world using the picture window interface. We partnered with hotel chains and entertainment franchises to offer select deals in select cities. Tourism experts in these cities offered information on where to go and what to see. Book directly with and through the app to make that travel dream a reality.

Targeted partnership experiences

Using interactive bus shelters, kiosk screens and mobile ads, we transformed an otherwise ordinary space into an entertaining and informative experience with exclusive offers from our partners. Every experience used our picture window visual as a delightful exploration tool.

EX: Make a grocery list, find recipies and stores near you to buy ingredients, or watch videos featuring celebrity chefs on cooking.

Complete the McDonalds arches window to recieve a free Big Mac, or click a Jay Z banner ad track for an exclusive download.

Visa Currency Converter App

This was a visually interesting way to get information on currency in your area, and to locate ATM’s that worked with your Visa bank cards.

This app seamlessly connected with our travel app, offering suggestions on where to go, how much things really cost and where to get the cash to pay for it.