Google Real Time

Real Time Advertising

Connecting brands to people and events in real time

Google Real Time Advertising is a platform allowing brands to respond instantly to events as they unfold, creating a conversation in the moment with display advertising.

I was put to task to solve for multiple brand partnerships, concepting and designing what the audience would experience in these real time ads. The result put brands like Madden and Nike at the forefront of the conversation as a game unfolded, showing an average of 25% increase in user engagement compared to traditional display ads.


Nike World Cup

The user could see the current score and 3D rendering of key plays as they happened. By clicking the ad they were brought into a WebGL 3D immersive experience, tracking the users motion on the physical device with the virtual 3D image. They could capture and share that Nike branded moment on social media, and explore other players in the game.

Madden NFL
The ad unit displayed the current game quarter and score more accurately than, and included the 3D character of a play that just took place. For every play, we could customize the caption or allow the system to recognize the player and the play. Users clicked through to generate their own content. (Our ad units even beat on real time accuracy)

Fans can use the platform on any device to create their own, zinging their rivals. This platform went viral on social media throughout the NFL season.

Google Play/ OscarsFor hollywood’s biggest night we created series of ads responsive to what film won, including media form that film and a chance to download at a discount from Google Play. This unit included “live from hollywood” messaging and pre-written custom messaging. In response to specific events or mishaps, the team could create custom copy that resolved into the corresponding film.