Google Project Tango

Project Tango/ Web GL

Mixed reality meets mobile devices

Google called upon our team to help innovate, shape and define the purpose of our mixed reality platform (Project Tango) which uses 3D tracking to adhere virtual objects to the real world. I was responsible for leading the creative side of this process including story, visual purpose, design and UI. The result has revolutionized the way we interact with the world using familiar devices.

Target Partnership

We teamed up with Target over the holidays to create an experience using these technologies, called Bullseyes Playground. In select stores, kids could use Tango devices to have a snowball fight in store with their favorite characters and toys. Aisles were mapped as snowbanks, igloos, and trees and the characters hid behind the aisles.

These executions proved what this hardware (through brand partnerships) could achieve in the real world, setting the groundwork to scale.

WebGL Innovation

WebGL has become a growing revolution in 3D graphics technology for desktop and mobile online. With Bullseye’s Playground, Kids play a series of games right from their mobile browser, unlocking extras hidden in the aisles of stores. This physical/ mobile integration alongside graphics technology using WebGL was the first of it’s kind.