Call Of Duty

Black Ops

There’s a soldier in all of us

Over 55 million people have played the Call Of Duty franchise. At the time Black Ops was the biggest entertainment launch of anything ever. Call Of Duty is a game played by all, not just the dorks who havent showered covered in cheetos. Our team set out with a call to arms, noting that there was a soldier in all of us waiting to be awaken.

My role specifically included iterations for the key art and it’s executions globally, conceptual guidance on film and execution of global multimedia experiences (EX: a 3D interactive installation and projection mapping experience).

Immersive marketing executions

In addition to setting up concerts, live level reenactments and gaming parties, we chose select cities around the world to hold more immersive marketing moments.

Using a series of projectors and a spotlight, we surprised the public with a projection-mapped reenactment of one of COD’s levels.

On Cromwell road in London, we set up a 3D billboard complete with smoke, soldiers and helecopters.