Best Friends

Save Them All

Inspiring and enabling a life saved

Nights and weekends were spent with Lee Clow and a very talentd group of animal lovers, creating what we believe to be one of the more successful animal welfare campaigns and branded identities to date.

This is not about doom and gloom. On the contrary, Best Friend’s goal is to celebrate the animals who change our lives, and to spread the word that we can save all shelter animals in our lifetime. The bold SAVE THEM ALL call to action accompanies disarming eye level images of these animals, confronting the viewer to consider what it is to be a Best Friend.

The Best Friends Adoption Finder

In researching the online adoption process and setup, we found there was not one place where you could bring together all animals up for adoption, So we decided to make one. Choose by breed,age or location to find the perfect best friend for you.

this service would pull from our own shelters, SPCA, PetFinder and others, with the goal of getting as many shelter animals as possible out the door and into great homes.

Life saving partnerships

we teamed up with trusted animal product manufacturers to create an easy donation tool. When you buy this product, 10% of proceeds go to Best Friends shelters across America. We worked with vans to create a custom sneaker with proceeds going to our cause.

we created content with famous adopted instagram pets, telling the world that they wouldn’t be here on the internet without a human with the heart to save their life. These appeared on both their and our social platforms, earning us thousand of impressions.